▞BACKSPACE is an interdisciplinary theater lab where we discover new forms of storytelling.

Based in Brooklyn, ▞BACKSPACE is where I'll collaborate with other creative artists--designers, filmmakers, composers, choreographers--who'll riff on my plays as I write them: crafting video sequences and soundscapes, finding lighting languages and movement vocabularies. We'll have regular open studios--read-arounds, rehearsals, performances and screenings--each followed by a party, because ▞BACKSPACE is not just a place to meet the artists. It's an opportunity for kind intrepid people to gather and rekindle our creativity by getting close to the fire and losing ourselves in an epic story.

In 2018 I'll be developing WATCH THE OBSCURE a cycle of plays about the Dare family, the most powerful American dynasty you've never heard of. In 1988, the family rescues a mute orphan from an immigration detention center. As the young boy (nicknamed "Watch") grows up, he begins to search for the true reason he was adopted by this secretive clan. Soaring back and forth from the early 20th century to the present day, WATCH THE OBSCURE looks at the decline of American agriculture, the rise of megachurches, the history of Freemasonry, the origin of rave culture, the science of cryptocurrency, "the Lost Colony" of Roanoke, "The Legend of Zelda," and the TAZ (Temporary Autonomous Zone).

While each part of the cycle will be released as a traditional playscript, ▞BACKSPACE will translate this series into other mediums: a film-theater hybrid, an audio play, a dance-theater piece, an art installation, a virtual reality experience. The possibilities are endless. The time is now.

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