▞BACKSPACE is an interdisciplinary theater lab where we discover new forms of storytelling.

Based in Brooklyn, ▞BACKSPACE is where I collaborate with other creative artists to discover what elements will turn each piece from a literary event to a theatrical one. We have regular open studios--read-arounds, rehearsals, performances and screenings--each followed by a party, because ▞BACKSPACE is not just a place to meet the artists. It's an opportunity for us to gather and rekindle our creativity by getting close to the fire and losing ourselves in an epic story.

While each piece will be released as a traditional playscript, ▞BACKSPACE will also translate these plays into other mediums: a film-theater hybrid, an audio play, a dance-theater piece, an art installation, a virtual reality experience. The possibilities are endless.

▞BACKSPACE will be on hiatus for the 2019-20 season as I work on a new project in Mexico City. If you'd like to get involved in the future as a patron or collaborator, please send me a message. I look forward to working with you!