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yours will be first

A difficult thing to say in three phone calls.

2017  ▞  Drama
12 min  ▞  1M 1F  


Talking to you can be so gentle and quiet Two voices in the middle of the night Then I know its not intentional but you switch on a floodlight because to you it’s just a lamp Surely you’ve heard this before


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the montagues

2017  ▞  Drama
10 min  ▞  2M

A gay American couple try to enjoy Italy during the Gaza War. A commission for Break the Wall Theatre Project.


How else am I supposed to care about something if it’s not because of who I love



A dark comedy about white Christians in Ferguson responding to the death of Michael Brown. Fresh from graduating MIT, Atom comes back to Missouri to help his stepmother Amanda figure out what to do with his Christ-loving and vaguely helpless Aunt Liv in Ferguson, MO in August 2014, a few days after the shooting of Michael Brown. Curfew also explores the uses cross-racial casting.

2017 ▞ Black Comedy
100 min ▞ 2M 2F


Madame, have you considered preparing a leaflet educating young African-Americans about the work your brother has done on their behalf?


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Private manning goes to washington

In December 2010, before his federal indictment for data theft, internet activist Aaron Swartz requested information from the American government regarding the treatment of Chelsea Manning, the soldier who would be found guilty of leaking classified documents to Wikileaks. Playwright Stan Richardson uses this fact as a springboard to imagine Swartz creating a piece of theatrical activism intended to free Manning, as the countdown continues on his own impending imprisonment. Private Manning premiered at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe in August 2016.

2016 ▞ Political Drama
75 min ▞ 2M


Everything is crying for help. The only reason we can be at peace is because we cannot hear the suffering of every single bit of life.



the rakes die

Narrated by Andrew Rake, a haunted restauranteur, The Rakes Die sees another mass shooting force the brothers to confront a secret history, question their fraternity, and ultimately face their mortality as the trilogy finally comes to an end.

2016 ▞  Drama  
140 min ▞ 4M 3F


You have your reasons, you always do. And I’m not even angry at you anymore, to be honest. You saved me. I owe you my life. And I really like life.




A secret gay witch hunt tears apart a group of friends at Harvard in 1920. Developed at Classic Stage Company in 2007, Veritas was first presented at the New York International Fringe Festival in 2010 where it became the first show in Fringe history to sell out its entire run before the festival began. An "agonizingly vivid" (NYT) immersive version was presented by The Representatives in October 2015. All productions of Veritas should include color-blind casting.  

2015 ▞ Tragedy
150 min ▞ 10M


You have to be honest with yourself before you can effectively misrepresent yourself to others. And if you can’t do that, you look at the truths heaped around you and pray you’re a goddamn good cherry-picker. And know what? You were, old pal. You were. You left shit behind for everyone else, but—



cut the shit

2015 ▞  Dystopian Comedy
80 min ▞ 4M 1F

A dark entertainment about terror, marriage & martyrdom. Set in a near-future world taken over by a barbarous group only referred to as the “unintelligible”, the cast of characters include an evangelical American P.O.W., the would-be-war-bride who’s been writing to him for the past year, and a thousand-year-old Japanese ogre (and his assistant).


Raise your hands if you have Irritable Bowel Syndrome, if you’ve writhed on arctic tiles, feeling so ridiculous and melodramatic but making deals with God anyway. Well, tonight we are right here with you! Make a deal with us!


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beddy tear

Beddy Tear is both a mystery of a young woman gone missing and a meditation on our fascination with the “master killers” as their victims fade into obscurity.  Inspired by minimalist, site-specific works like Louis Malle’s Vanya on 42nd Street and Lar von Trier’s DogvilleBeddy Tear uses the conventions of television crime-drama in a theatrical piece written and staged to be captured on video. Beddy Tear, is a collaboration with filmmaker Joshua Paul Johnson. 

2015 ▞ A film-theater hybrid ▞ 60 min 


I’m TedFan81 and this series is devoted to Theodore Robert Bundy, one of the most prolific serial killers ever. I started this as a response to GacyFan76’s webcasts which assert that John Wayne Gacy was the most badass American serial killer, which he is not. In case you can’t find the first part, that could be because the first episode was called “Ted Talks” and we had to take that down because of threatened litigation.


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dead black temp

A new play about an old friendship, a young romance, a birthday, a disease, a sublet, a screenplay and the death of Whitney Houston.

2014 ▞ Tragicomedy  
90 min ▞ 2M 1F


I guess I don’t see the point then, Jake. If revolution isn’t the goal, I question the effort expended.



of orient are

Liberal activists, escorting a trio of aging cultural icons, descend upon a conservative Midwestern college in this Molotov cocktail of education, altruism, and the limits of wisdom. This fast-paced, many-charactered play is a satirical look at doing Good in the world.

2014 ▞ Satire
80 min ▞ 2M 1F


You will REGRET not assassinating us!


door 1.jpeg


2014 ▞ Film-theatre hybrid ▞ 70 min

A dark tale of amnesia, anonymity. and living life without the fine print. Tell was playwright Stan Richardson's first collaboration with cinematographer Joshua Paul Johnson and his second Theatrical Portrait.


But people are like nature—they have nature in them, and they have bad weather days and good weather days and catastrophic events that they don’t understand and that sometimes happen for no reason at all just like in nature.


The rakes Progress

It’s Christmas 2011 and Paul, now a YouTube celebrity, announces a plan to reanimate the family tree. Set amidst Occupy Wall Street, the Fathers' Rights movement, and the crystal meth crisis within the LGBTQ community, The Rakes Progress is a story of addiction, decaying liberal values and crippling devotions to the dead.

2014 ▞ Drama
140 min ▞ 4M 3F


Tragedy afflicts only some. Mystery reaches us all. When the world ends, will it be a tragedy or a mystery? The answer to that question will determine what we do in the meantime.


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flooded with light

2013 ▞ Drama
80 min ▞ 2M 1F

A biting new play about therapy, zealotry, illicit love and the costs of self-reinvention. Flooded with Light is playwright Stan Richardson's first Theatrical Portrait.


Maybe it’s not that you have some grand Purpose. Maybe you just have many small purposes. So, maybe it’s not that you’ll have one big Comfort, but many small ones.




A take on Turgenev's 1861 novel, Fathers & Children. Two prodigal sons traveling through mid-19th century Russia navigate familial obligations, the allure of nihilism, and the disruption of first love in this play about the struggles of belonging in your own generation. 

2013 ▞ Russian Epic
140 min ▞ 4M 2F


Don’t follow us. Our dust would get into your eyes, our mud bespatter you, you’d only be in the way. You’re a good fellow, Arkady Nikolaevitch. But you’re a sugary, liberal snob all the same.



o happy happy aztecs

Two Midwesterners come to New York City with big dreams in this passionate love story of safety and convenience. O Happy Happy Aztecs! is a response to the increasingly powerful grip of advertising, Patti Smith’s Just Kids, the life of Dmitri Shostakovich and the death of gay anti-ageism therapist Bob Bergeron.

2013 ▞ Comedy
100 min ▞ 2M 1F


Patti Smith shoplifted. Books mostly. Genet was a thief. Okay, let me get my bag.



The rakes:

AN intro-


2012 ▞ Drama
140 min ▞ 4M 3F

The Rakes Trilogy is a series of plays, inspired by JD Salinger’s Glass family, following a trio of white liberal orphans in New York City through the Obama Administration. The Rake brothers scramble to prepare for the youngest’s whirlwind wedding to the girl he saved a month before in the Virginia Tech massacre in this play about young love and terrible accidents. 


Sure. SO...Uncle Vanya’s a Russian play by Anton Chekov from 1897, I think. The Armenian Genocide happened during World War I, it was the first modern genocide; the Holocaust was the sequel. Rolfing is a violent form of massage. Mole People live in the subways. Broccoli Raab—actually its R-a-a-b—is a miniature version of its namesake that’s bitter and expensive, but everybody pretends they like it. Snowclones are cliché templates like ‘Eskimos have 36 words for snow, but we only have 3 words for Eskimo.’ Jeff Stryker’s a porn star. Annie Sprinkle’s a porn star. Robyn Bird’s a cable news journalist. Nag Hammadi is where they dug up the Gnostic Gospels. And Craigslist is where you go to look for, um, apartments.



incredible things awful things

A second date goes eerily well in this look at online matchmaking in the age of WikiLeaks.

2012 ▞ Romantic Mystery
80 minutes ▞ 3M 1F


If you had free reign over classified networks… and you saw incredible things, awful things… things that belonged in the public domain, and not on some server stored in a dark room in Washington DC… what would you do?
— Chelsea Manning



ramona clay

Two estranged sisters reunite as the man convicted of murdering their parents is set to be executed. Tonya is a struggling theater director and Ramona, deaf and twelve years younger, is on the verge of literary stardom for her novel about their parents’ death. Some scenes are performed completely in ASL.

2012 ▞ Drama
110 min ▞ 2M 2F


At our age, ambition just looks vicious.



the lower lights

A dark comedy set in November 2011 about the effects of Occupy Wall Street and the financial crisis on the erotic lives of two couples.

2012 ▞ Comedy
50 min ▞ 2M 2F


But I am a SEXUAL Republican, cuz what I’m saying is that what we’re doing in Iraq, we shouldn’t be doing in Iraq. We should be doing it in our bedrooms.



you wanted to know what happened to your son

You Wanted to Know What Happened to Your Son depicts an Internet outage on the NYU campus as three freshmen fall in love while exploring a post-Rent Alphabet City. 

2009 ▞ Comedy
50 min ▞ 2M 1F


Do yourself a favor and read some Kierkegaard! The God-trope has asked the me-trope to believe against all logic, reason, and evidence that you, my soulmate-trope will somehow someday fall in love with me too! I am the only person I know on a teleological suspension of romantic reality and it really fucking sucks!



the tale of the good whistle-blower of chaillot's caucasian mother...


The Tale of the Good Whistleblower of Chaillot's Caucasian Mother and Her Other Children of a Lesser Marriage Chalk Circle is a collaboration with composer Rachel Peters. 

2009 ▞ Brechtian musical
110 minutes ▞ 3M 3F


I’m sure, being so far removed from poverty, my business associates and the rich of Chaillot, while surprised at first, will support me in this noble endeavor. We have a board meeting this afternoon. I will bring it up and then we’ll see what’s what.



to be made flesh again

An ambivalent ghost roams a posh NYC birthday party to select the body in which they will reincarnate.

2008 ▞ Ghost comedy
70 min ▞ 3M 3F 1?


You’re seeing a guy—or a lady—at one single moment in their lives. This is the only moment you can be sure of. Do you get what I mean? You will go through that process of which they are the result. And you do not want to know about that shit in advance.


Tarot Card Reader.jpg


A washed up soap actress is offered a chance to make a TV movie of her life, but the glamour of her past is overtaken by a terror that things may have happened differently than she though in this dark bi-coastal farce of forbidden love and destructive sex in pre-9/11 American.  

2003 ▞ Brute Farce
130 min ▞ 3M 3F 1?


Is this script autobiographical?

Not my autobiography, but yes. It’s the life of Elexis Algonquin Endeavor.




another brief encounter

A late 20th century gay take on David Lean & Noel Coward's Brief Encounter.

2000 ▞ Parody
50 min ▞ 6M 1F


I love our dynamic. It always feels like a blind date. Is one of these for me?



the children

Based on the 1980 cult classic of the same name, The Children, is a collaboration with composer Hal Goldberg. After a school bus passes through a cloud of nuclear waste in Ravensback NY, the zombie-like children roam the town with black fingernails, microwaving their negligent parents to death with a hug. The Children was developed at NYU in 1997, workshopped at Here Arts Center in 2001, recorded in 2002, and featured in the 2006 New York Musical Theater Festival.

1997 ▞ Musical Thriller
110 min ▞ 5M 4F


My mother never rises before ten

My father’s always working on the farm

My mom takes lots of codeine
Watches TV, plays piano
She has never been extremely warm